Subsalve 1000 lb Professional Lift Bag

Subsalve 1000 lb Professional Lift Bag


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Subsalve 1000 lb Professional Lift Bag

Innovative Design

When the U.S. Navy asked us to develop a flotation device that would dependably withstand particularly
abusive conditions, SUBSALVE USA produced the 5-ton Deep Ocean Lift Bag, which has unprecedented
strength, low elasticity and superior resistance to abrasion and chemical attack. It became our (Subsalve) standard Professional Lift Bag design.

Multiple Applications

  • Our most versatile and easy-to-use, these open-bottom, parachute-shaped lift bags with a single attachment point are essential in construction, heavy and light salvage and many offshore tasks.
  • “Inverted water droplet” design facilitates maximum lift capacity with least possible weight, with stress distributed evenly over the fabric surface.
  • Equipped with all the necessary hardware and ready for immediate use.
  • Each SUBSALVE USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping.


• Urethane-coated nylon—high-strength and heavy-duty
• Superior abrasion resistance
• Resistant to most petro-chemicals
• UV-resistant
• Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
• RF welded seams

Easy to use

  • Proprietary Plunger Dump Valve – air control with push-button at top of bag and lanyard at bottom. Vent air from above, beside or below lift bag to achieve desired ascent rate as well as 1/4? NPT inflation port.
  • Below 2 tons: Multiple nylon lift straps sewn directly to bottom of lift bag, which bears load and provides safe working ratio of 6:1.
  • 2 tons and over: Designed with a replaceable heavy-duty nylon webbing lift harness fabricated into the skin of the bag, which bears the load and provides a safe working ratio of 6:1.
  • Fitted with a 3/4? NPT inflation port with quick disconnect or cam lock fitting and a 3/4? stainless steel ball valve for rapid deflation.
Technical Specs Lift Capacity Width Height Weight
1100 lbs 2'11'' 4'8'' 17 lbs