How would you feel if you surfaced to find your dive boat nowhere in sight? Or imagine yourself decompressing alone in the ocean while the boat above circles at an ever-growing distance from your location. We all prefer to avoid these situations but our best efforts can’t guarantee success. In fact, we have to plan for these problems well before the anticipated event.

Halcyon inflatables are an essential part of any diver’s equipment because they provide reliable surface markers as well as life support floatation; they may also function as lift devices. Whether relaying your position to a topside crew or indicating separation from a dive buddy and/or boat, our range of high quality surface markers are a crucial addition to your diving equipment. Halcyon lift devices offer redundant lift and can be used during safety or salvage operations.
 The wide array of Halcyon Diver Alert Markers (DAM) and our 80-lb. lift bag can provide support for nearly any diving operation.

Key Features of Halcyon Diver Alert Markers
  • All Halcyon inflatables share quality construction with lifetime welded seams.
  • Diver’s Alert Markers use an integrated pressure-relief valve, allowing them to be deployed from depth. •
  • Open Bottom designs offer simple inflation with diver’s second stage.
  • Closed-circuit designs feature Halcyon’s patented No-Lock® BC connecter; can be inflated orally or with BC low pressure hose.
  • BIG and Super BIG markers feature Coast Guard-approved Solas® Tape for added visibility, with sturdy plastic pouch for sending notes to the surface or adding a glow stick for night diving.
  • Our purpose-built 3.3-ft. Oral Inflate only, without OPV, provides a very small form factor that is easily stored but does not use a pressure-relief valve; this device is not suitable for deployment at depth.
  • When deflated, all markers fit in a Halcyon thigh pocket or backplate Storage Pak.

Halcyon’s Oral Inflate connector Coast Guard
approved SOLAS®
reflective tape
Halcyon’s patented
No-Lock® LP connector
Example of Halcyon’s
product name tag
Halcyon DAMs are easily
stored when deflated

Selecting a Halcyon Inflatable Halcyon offers a variety of Lift Devices and Surface Markers, allowing divers to select the best option for their particular environment. Divers in calm conditions and/or on shallow dives often choose a small Halcyon surface marker so the boat can easily identify their position. In rough or unpredictable seas divers may carry a slightly larger inflatable, which increases visibility. Open bottom SMBs are very simple designs with a low profile (because they do not need an OPV valve installed); however, these designs are slightly more prone to tipping, which can induce a loss of gas while at the surface. Closed-circuit bags eliminate the risk of gas loss at the surface and provide optional surface floatation but must be filled with a low pressure inflator hose. Divers select a closed-circuit lift bag sized for their particular need and egardless of your needs, it is likely Halcyon makes a reliable inflatable to serve your situation.

5 products

5 products