Poseidon Xstream Deep Kit
Poseidon Xstream Deep Kit
Poseidon Xstream Deep Kit
Poseidon Xstream Deep Kit
Poseidon Xstream Deep Kit

Poseidon Xstream Deep Kit


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Poseidon Xstream Deep w. Octo & Black Gauge 

The benchmark for high performance regulators. Whether you dive with air, trimix or oxygen, the Xstream outperforms all other regulators. First regulator certified to 200 m / 656 ft. The preferred choice for the US Navy, Coast Guard, NYPD among others.

  • Xstream Deep first stage
  • Xstream Deep second stage
  • Xstream Octopus
  • 1 x LP-Hose 70 cm / 27.5"
  • 1 x LP-Hose 90 cm / 35,5"
  • Cirrus pressure gauge (bar and psi)


  • No manual adjustment of breathing resistance needed, performs equally well at all depths
  • Side purge prevents current-induced free flow, for example when scootering.
  • Side vent diverts bubbles from face.
  • EAN 40 ready and compatible
  • Ambidextrous, works perfectly either way up, from left or right side
  • No environmental sealing required for cold water
  • Suitable for air, nitrox 50% and trimix.


The objective; design the most reliable 1st stage in the world. A patented ruby ball seal is automatically positioned by the floating seat which balances any upstream pressure equally with the pressure adjustment spring, maintaining the benefits of having a perfect ball as the sealing element without the risks that follow with incorrect sealing pressures. This makes the Xstream Range self-balancing, giving the same high performance, irrespective of the pressure in the cylinder.

Added to this the range has a built in anti freeze protection in its construction. The TDA (Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze) ensures that the through-flowing water keeps the ice away, entirely without fluids or extra diaphragms.