Poseidon Cyklon LP Hose

Poseidon Cyklon LP Hose


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Poseidon Cyklon Regulator LP Hose

Poseidon Cyklon LP Hose. Used for connecting 2nd stage Poseidon Cyklon regulator to 1st stage Cyklon. If you have an early model Cyklon 2nd stage, you might find that the threads on the LP hose may no fit a newer model Cyklon. In which case you will either need an adapter or this new LP Hose with the updated threads.

Not only unique in style, durability, reliability and longevity, the Cyklon is also unique in the type of hose used to connect to the 2nd Stage.  This hose LP UNF 3/8 Hose is used to connect the Cyklon Second Stage regulator to its First Stage.  The connection point between the Cyklon Second Stage and the hose is of a unique design and is not the same as most conventional Second stage regulators currently manufactured, so this hose is not appropriate for non-cyklon regulators.

*An adapter (0000-833) would be needed to use this hose on older First Stages that have G 1/8 port threads.

Key Features:

  • Hose is for Cyklon 2nd stage only
  • Multiples sizes available.