Oxycheq Stainless Steel Backplate

Oxycheq Stainless Steel Backplate


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Oxycheq Stainless Steel Backplate

  • Beautifully machined series 316 / 1/8" stainless steel that has been laser cut.
  • Uses Standard 2 inch Webbing.
  • Slots for Cam Bands for Single Tank use.
  • Angled shoulder straps for a great fit.
  • Holes are standard 11 inch center.
  • Plate is 15" long
  • Weight: 5 pounds

What makes a Halcyon backplate so unique?

Every Halcyon backplate features a host of subtle finishing details that enhance in-water performance, reliability, and diving comfort. These factors, together with the industry’s highest quality finish, set Halcyon backplates apart from the ordinary. Available in carefully finished Stainless Steel or mil.spec. hard-coated aluminum, the Halcyon backplate resists the oxidation and marring common in other less finished, yet similarly priced, plates. Individually milled edges combine with the high quality materials to provide the industry’s most sought-after backplate. In addition to our unparalleled quality and unique ergonomic shaping, each Halcyon backplate features attachment points for Halcyon’s Single-tank Adapter, Storage Pak, ACB Weight Pockets and the low profile (6 ft3) dry suit inflation bottle mounting straps.

Halcyon’s webbing slot angles have been designed to provide optimal comfort for the diver. During a dive, webbing slip is mitigated by the inherent grip of the slot on the webbing, enhancing diver performance and comfort. Halcyon webbing is manufactured exclusively to Halcyon specifications; our webbing is stiff enough to provide support but soft enough to allow a complete range of motion. The crotch strap features 2” soft webbing carefully selected to minimize wear points and prevent uncomfortable pressure points.