Omni Shut-Off Valve

Omni Shut-Off Valve


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Shut-off Valve: Streamline 1" OD

Using a Shut-off valve can keep a diver from purging valuable gas from the octopus during the dive.  With a positive locking design, this shut-off valve can not be accidentally turned on and off.

  • Designed to fit between the octopus regulator and a standard hose.  
  • Delrin Sleeve provides for durable use as well as oxygen compatible.
  • Made with 02 compatible materials.
  • 1" OD, convex design with hard knurrel suited for cold water use.
  • Arrow indicates flow ON direction
  • 9/16"-18 Male (Connects to a standard regulator hose)
  • 9/16"-18 Female (Connects to a standard regulator)
  • Dimensions:3" L x 1"O.D