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Hill Portable EC-3000 EVO Compressor

Hill Portable EC-3000 EVO Compressor


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Hill Portable EC-3000 EVO Compressor


Mid-Size Air Compressor by HILL is a more robust compressor and RECOMMENDED for commercial use and groups with 5+ units!

Filling HEED, Spare Air or EasyDive units is easy using the High-Pressure Mid-Size Air Compressor by Hill - Hill is well known as the leader in hand pumps that produce dry air, and now they are expanding into the world of portable compressors, with the EC-3000 EVO! This is the compressor of the future.  Not only does it have an adjustable output pressure and automatic shutoff, but it is all digital, meaning you can control your fill pressure down to the last PSI or BAR if you want to.  No messing with a dial on a physical gauge. Made in England by the cleanest name in hand pumps, Hill Pumps, the EC-3000 EVO is made to last with minimal servicing needed.  There is an on-board filter to keep the air dry and clean and there's even a safeguard in place to keep the unit from overheating.  In addition to the cooling fan, the unit is programmed to shut off at 75C automatically, until it cools adequately, and then it will restart itself and continue the fill.  This system keeps you from having to constantly stop and start the unit and also eliminates the need for bulky water tanks.  The unit is lubricated with silicone lube, fed from a small container stored on the right side of the compressor.  It takes low maintenance to a whole new level!  Almost as low as the 75 dB sound signature the compressor makes while running!  

Do your research - less expensive compressors are water cooled (this is air cooled), don't come with quality filters (ours comes with a deluxe filter to make sure you are breathing clean dry air), and if they offer a warranty it is through the Chinese manufacturer (difficult at best to get any service)!

INCLUDED: Custom Refill Adapter - Choose option above:
930C - for Spare Air, HEED & EasyDive  ($79 VALUE)
910Q - for EasyDive, add $25 ($104 VALUE)

INCLUDED: Deluxe Filter - Ultra large air filter combines disc filters, activated carbon deodorization and desiccant. Includes a second filter tube along with replacement parts - 10 filter discs, 4 o-rings, & 5 burst discs. This filter removes impurities and residual moisture created during filling process. $120 VALUE

* Total Added Value with filter & adapter = $199 if items purchased separately.  Save when purchased from us! 

Product Specifications: 

  • Max Output Pressure: 4500 PSI (310 BAR)
  • Adjustable Output Pressure
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Automatic Air Pressure Purge
  • Runs off of 110V Outlet (220V not available)
  • Air Cooled
  • Automated cool down cycle during fills - compressor stops itself and restarts once cooled 
  • Digital Display
  • Output hose ends with female quick disconnect fitting
  • Adjustable Unit Display (BAR, PSI, MPa)
  • Displays fill pressure and temperature (in Celsius) during the fill
  • Integrated output filter with bleed valve
  • Ultra quiet - 75dB during operation
  • Length – 465mm (18.3")
  • Height – 385mm (15.16")
  • Width – 235mm (9.25")
  • Weight – approx. 55 lbs
  • Made in England
  • 1 year warranty 

    * Not recommended for filling cylinders over 19 cubic feet.

Hill Portable EC-3000 EVO Compressor