Halcyon Gauge (SPG)

Halcyon Gauge (SPG)


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Halcyon Gauge (SPG)

Halcyon pressure gauges are as reliable as they are accurate. We start with an industrial-strength spring designed for pressures beyond 5,000psi (400bar), high-quality materials, and a highly visible, luminescent face make this a common favorite among divers in all environments. Pick from our Standard or Stage pressure gauges.

The weight and size of our Standard SPG gauge make it well suited as a primary SPG. The large, clear display is easy to read in all diving conditions.

Key Features of the Standard SPG:

  • Calibrated for bar (0-360) or psi (0-5500)
  • Nickel-plated brass with mineral glass lens
  • Size - Gauge Face 2"

Technical divers with multiple stage/deco cylinders often prefer a small, light SPG. Our stage pressure gauge is perfect for just such an application.

Key Features of the Stage SPG:

  • Slightly smaller than our standard SPG
  • Light weight helps balance stage/deco bottles
  • Two models calibrated either for bar (0-400) or psi (0-5000)
  • Nickel-plated brass with acrylic lens
  • Size - Gauge Face 1 3/4"