Full Face Mask Bump Helmet

Full Face Mask Bump Helmet


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Full Face Mask Bump Helmet

The Aqua Lung Bump Helmet fills a huge void in the professional dive market. This is a game changer for Public Safety, Scientific, and Military divers using a full face mask.

As we know the majority of dives completed by professional divers are in low-to-no visibility and in locations full of obstacles. These can range from natural occurrences like rocks, stumps, trees, and logs to man-made debris. This can include anything from cars, barrels, rusted sharp metal, shopping carts, water heaters, toilets, and the list goes on. It is safe to say if man made it someone somewhere threw it in the water.

PS divers enter this water every day with no more than a neoprene or latex hood for head protection. The helmets used all come from the swiftwater, kayaking, hockey or mountaineering markets. One of the reasons they don’t work is if they use a full face mask all the helmets use a small fast-tech buckle on the chin straps making ditching in an emergency a challenge at best. They also do not allow for communications to be worn as they cover the ears.

Enter the Aqua Lung Bump Helmet.

Designed to go up over the ears this bump helmet allows room for communications pods. The special designed chin strap only requires one gloved hand to close/chinch and allows for quick one hand release in an emergency. This means they can now use a bump helmet over a full face mask and be safe and comfortable while not obstructing mask light rails or ambient breathing valves.


  • Adjustable ratcheting head harness
  • Two light rails – one each side
  • Front camera mount
  • Three “loop” panels to attach dept badges
  • Reflective panels on both sides of the helmet
  • Internal removable pads to accommodate different size heads
  • Available in bright Hi-Viz green/yellow or all black