BARE Trilam Tech Dry Drysuit
BARE Trilam Tech Dry Drysuit
BARE Trilam Tech Dry Drysuit

BARE Trilam Tech Dry Drysuit


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Made with our exclusive engineered butyl trilaminate material, this economically price crotch strap offering has improved flexibility over existing trilaminates. 7 year GUARANTEE.

How many manufacturers guarantee their drysuits for life?

So far, only us. The nearest competitor we can find only offers a 7-year warranty. In the over 40 years we’ve been in business, customers have shared stories where they’ve passed their BARE drysuit on to a friend or family member after an entire ‘lifetime’ of use.

This history of reliability and durability helped establish our reputation for workmanship and durability and has allowed us to make a guarantee no other manufacturer has been able to do.

We are confident enough in our products to offer a 7 year GUARANTEE limited to seams and workmanship. Even if the person is not the original owner. We stand behind our products like nobody else, because your customers deserve a product like no other.



    • Your choice of latex or a 3mm neoprene comfort-fit neck seal
    • 2mm nylon/smoothskin warm collar with vented neck drain provides an improved seal with the BARE ELASTEK dry hood
    • 360 degree swivel inflator valve (default placement on the center of the chest)
    • Adjustable low-profile exhaust valve (default placement of valve on the left upper arm)
    • Your choice of neoprene or HD bottleneck latex wrist seals with talc bag
    • Includes suspenders
    • Elastic crotch strap with rear double anchor and adjustable quick release front buckle
    • BARE embossed M-PADz knee protection with 2mm neoprene backing providing added padding for comfort
    • Reinforced “critical-wear” seam points
    • 2-needle “felled seam,” glued and heat taped
    • Your choice of HD vulcanized 4mm compressed density neoprene BARE boot, or compression-resistant Soft Boot (see accessories for BARE boot options)
    • Premium graphics and badging

Mens Colors: Black, Red/Black, Black w/ Blue
Womens Colors: Black, Black w/ Pink

At BARE we take our commitment to product quality seriously. Our drysuits in particular are legendary for their durability and longevity with many of our customers getting a full lifetime of use out of their BARE drysuit before passing it on to a friend or family member. This has allowed us to offer something that no other drysuit manufacturer has been able to do: a Lifetime Guarantee on seams and workmanship. Much more than a warranty, BARE is the fi rst and only drysuit manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Except for normal wear and tear, misuse or negligence, BARE will honor all claims against seams and workmanship for the life of the drysuit worldwide. Even if you’re not the original owner, you’re covered.

In a category where the next closest competitor only offers a 7-year warranty, we think you’ll agree that the BARE Guarantee says something quite extraordinary about the quality of the workmanship, materials and technology that goes into each and every one of our drysuits. We stand behind our workmanship like no one else because you deserve a product like no other.


Mens Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Womens Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL