Bailout Switch Block
Bailout Switch Block

Bailout Switch Block


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Apeks Bailout Switch Block

The Bailout Switch Block allows the diver to switch from
a primary gas supply to an alternate bailout gas supply
(Emergency Gas Supply – EGS). The Switch Block is
used with any diving helmet or full face mask with
a medium or low pressure gas supply.

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Key Features

  • Robust, durable and reliable
  • User-friendly configuration and operation
  • All ports marked for easy identification
  • Use with surface-supply umbilical or Scuba cylinder
  • CE Approved to standard EN15333-1:2008


  • 4 x standard 3/8in MP outlet ports
  • 1 x Bailout inlet port with 3/8in Hose Adaptor (male)
  • 1 x 1/2in NPT dual-use outlet/inlet port: see versions below

Mounting Arrangement

  • Universal mounting plate suitable for all diver harnesses
  • Block retained in place by spring-loaded button catch
  • Block easily removable from the harness mounting
  • Mounting plate remains fixed to harness

Switch Block Versions

  • AP0281/G: For use with the Aqua Lung G3000SS Diving Helmet
  • AP0281: For use with all other full face masks and diving helmets. Includes non-return (one-way) inlet valve & umbilical adapters

Flow Restrictor
An optional Flow Restrictor is available for use with a suit inflator hose

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