Why choose Zeagle Dive Products?

Because it works. And works. And works.

In 1994, after over 4,000 dives, Tom Gotterup traded in his 1986 Zeagle BC for a new Ranger. Which still performed beautifully… it just looked a bit rough. That’s the essence of Zeagle’s brand. Effortlessly and reliably. And almost endlessly. We create our products the old-fashioned way – with attention to detail. If we feel something needs extra reinforcing, we do it. Thousands of small details you can’t even see give your customers the best designed, most reliable equipment possible.

We like to go home at night knowing we’ve done everything possible to ensure our products will perform under the most extreme conditions, year after year. We stand behind our equipment and craftsmanship 100%. If you or one of your customers have any questions or problems, one call to us will deliver the answers you need. It’s the way we’ve always operated. And always will.

No matter what kind of diving your customers do, they can do it better with Zeagle.

Regulator Performance

Your regulator is one of your most important pieces of gear. No matter what kind of diving you do, you can do it better with Zeagle. Our regulators are rated at the top in objective evaluations of breathing performance, but they also have unmatched reliability and durability. Our regulators exceed the highest standards, including the DIN EN 250 standard and the U.S. Navy Group A for working at depth. Our regulators are US made, built under strict controls for quality in our own factory, using state of the art equipment and procedures.

Diving is full of challenges. Sand, salt, high and low temperatures, rough treatment, and lack of maintenance can all cause problems with regulators. Piston designs can lose performance as lubrication is lost from moving O-ring surfaces.

Our regulators are designed to maintain top performance without a lot of maintenance. Our environmentally sealed diaphragm first stages completely exclude water borne contaminants. Our first stage valve design minimizes wear and maximizes longevity. Exposed parts are easy to clean. Materials are carefully chosen to provide the greatest durability. Almost all O-rings are static- no metal is moving against them. These and thousands of other design details are linked with outstanding quality control and testing at the our factory to provide you with the most reliable regulator possible.


A regulator’s performance is gauged by its ability to deliver air easily under the most demanding conditions of cold water, depth, or a high breathing rate. You can’t evaluate a regulator’s performance at the surface or in ordinary diving. A regulator can breathe great in the divestore or in easy diving, yet perform poorly under demanding conditions of depth, stress, or cold. That’s why many public and private agencies have conducted independent, objective evaluations of regulator performance. Zeagle regulators are among the select group that exceed the very highest standards set by these agencies, including the US Navy Group A requirements for work of breathing at depth. In fact, our new regulators have demonstrated- in independent testing- some of the best performance figures ever seen. But that’s only part of the story…

Environmental Sealing - Not Just for Ice Diving

Regulators used in water temperatures below 50° F (10° C) do run the risk of ice formation in the first stage due to the cooling caused by the rapid expansion of air from the tank. This risk increases as breathing rate increases. To prevent freezing from occurring, it is necessary to exclude water from the first stage mechanism. Many of the methods that have been used to do this, such as packing grease around the piston in piston designs, various air bleeds, and add on devices, are messy, subject to contamination, or unreliable. We use a simple "dry sealed" design that requires absolutely no attention from the user.

Even if you don't dive in cold water, our environmental seal helps to keep your first stage functioning at peak performance by keeping sand, salt, and other contaminants out of the internal mechanism.

NOTE: Special training and procedures are necessary whenever diving in cold water environments.

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21 products