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Ocean Technology Systems
Full Face Masks and Underwater Communications for Public Safety and Commercial Divers.
Available in the USA only.

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Communications Gear Bag OTS Full Face Mask Bag Interspiro Weight Kit Waterproof Ear/Mic Assy. Set up for the Gorski G-2000SS Helmet Waterproof Ear/Mic Assy.
Waterproof Ear/Mic Assy. Set up for the Superlite 27, KM 37, 47 & 57 Helmets Eyewear Kit for Guardian or AGA FFM ABV-2 with AGA Visor AD-F4 Adaptor (Female AMP to Bare Wires) Adaptor, Hi-Use to bare wires
ABV-2 with AGA Visor
Price: $259.00
AMP-4F Connector AMP-4FL Connector AMP-4M Connector AMP-4ML Connector Adaptor, Male AMP-4M to Banana Plugs (Converts MK2-DCI ropes to MK-7)
AMP-4F Connector
Price: $30.00
AMP-4FL Connector
Price: $30.00
AMP-4M Connector
Price: $30.00
AMP-4ML Connector
Price: $30.00
Banana Plug, 2 pin, BLACK.  Used on umbilical. Banana Plug, 2 pin, RED  Used on umbilical. BP-A4 Adaptor (Male AMP to Bare Wires) Battery Snap  (SSB-2010, SSB-2001B-2, and SSB-1001B) Surface Conversion Kit. Converts a 2010, 2001B-2, or 1001B into a portable surface station.
Aquacom ComBox Earphone holder. Designed to hold OTS earphone & EMA-2's. EM-OTS2, Super Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, HiUse for Guardian FFM GR-1 Connector GR-2 Connector, Gripper Ring
GR-1 Connector
Price: $5.00
HHM-3 Hand Held Mic for SP-100D-2 Banana Plug/Mini, 2 pin (Black) Banana Plug/Mini, 2 pin (Red) E/O Female Bulk Head E/O Male In-Line Two Conductor Connector
E/O Female Bulk Head
Price: $129.00
E/O Female In-Line (J090) Two Conductor Connector AGA, Interspiro Divator MKII Full Face Mask Dummy Plug for Hi Use Connectors NiMH battery pack (12 volts). Used w/SSB-2010, 2001B-2, 1001B, ComBox & MK-7 RB-6V Rechargeable Battery (MK2-DCI, STX-101/M) (two required)
Charging Station. Designed to charge (1) STX-101/M & (6) SSB-2010/2001B-2/1001B RCS-13US Battery Charger for MK2-DCI, STX-101/M RCS-15US Battery Charger for SSB-2010 (RB-11 Battery Pack) RCS-16US Battery Charger for MK-7 Spare Part Kit, for Buddy Phones
Aquacom SSB 2-channel, NO voice menu, diver transceiver, 25/33khz Aquacom SSB 4-channel, voice menu, diver transceiver Aquacom  STX-101 Transceiver 4-Channel Station TA-4 Transducer Assembly TA-5 Transducer Assembly
TC-100 Transducer Cable Transducer Cable TC-35S Transducer Cable Transducer cable, for STX-101/M surface station XT-100 Buddy Phone®
Diaphragm - One Way Valve/Guardian FFM Interspiro AGA Visor Interspiro AGA Nose Push Pad AGA Full Face Mask Frame Transducer Assembly Cable for  SP100D & STX-101
Microphone element (Hot Mic). 150 ohm, floodable, noise canceling. ABV Ambient Breathing Valve (Mantis FFM) Guardian FFM Accessory Rail System w/ LED Light EM-OTS2, Hot Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control for Guardian FFM Pressure Equalizing Pad for FFM from USWR.
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