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Ocean Technology Systems
Full Face Masks and Underwater Communications for Public Safety and Commercial Divers.
Available in the USA only.

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GR-1 Connector GR-2 Connector, Gripper Ring HHM-3 Hand Held Mic for SP-100D-2 Banana Plug/Mini, 2 pin (Black) Banana Plug/Mini, 2 pin (Red)
GR-1 Connector
Price: $5.00
E/O Female Bulk Head E/O Male In-Line Two Conductor Connector E/O Female In-Line (J090) Two Conductor Connector Dummy Plug for Hi Use Connectors RB-6V Rechargeable Battery (MK2-DCI, STX-101/M) (two required)
E/O Female Bulk Head
Price: $129.00
RCS-13US Battery Charger for MK2-DCI, STX-101/M RCS-16US Battery Charger for MK-7 Spare Part Kit, for Buddy Phones Aquacom SSB 2-channel, NO voice menu, diver transceiver, 25/33khz Aquacom SSB 4-channel, voice menu, diver transceiver
TA-4 Transducer Assembly TA-5 Transducer Assembly TC-100 Transducer Cable Transducer Cable TC-35S Transducer Cable
Transducer cable, for STX-101/M surface station XT-100 Buddy Phone® Interspiro AGA Nose Push Pad AGA Full Face Mask Frame Transducer Assembly Cable for  SP100D & STX-101
Microphone element (Hot Mic). 150 ohm, floodable, noise canceling. Guardian FFM Accessory Rail System w/ LED Light Pressure Equalizing Pad for FFM from USWR. Interspiro Divator MKII "AGA" Accessory Rail with Universal Slide Spare Part Kit, for all OTS SSB's
O-ring Kit for SSB Units HSA-2 Low Pressure Hose For AGA Mask Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM 90 Degree Elbow for FFM OTS Guardian Full Face Mask w/ ABV
MK-7 BuddyLine Portable two diver air intercom (4 wire only)(comes w/THB-7A headset with boom mic). OTS ComRope Aquacom MK2-DCI 2 Diver Air Intercom - OTS OTS ComRope Bag Adaptor, Female AMP-4F to Banana Plugs (Converts MK-7 ropes to MK2-DCI)
OTS ComRope Bag
Price: $69.00
Transducer assembly, transducer w/fairing Buddy Phone 2 Channel Surface Station, Incl. 35' Xducer Cable & HHM MKII-BUD-D2 Buddy Phone Through-Water Transceivers (1/2 Watt Output Power) - Interspiro AGA FFM VSB-2 Audio/Video Splitter Cable (for SSB units) WT-MK2 Wireless tender system (four wire mode operation) OTS
Interspiro AGA FFM, Hot Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, Male Marsh Marine Connector Kirby Morgan M-48, Hot Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, HiUse Interspiro AGA FFM, Super Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, HiUse Interspiro AGA FFM, Hot Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, Amp Connector Interspiro AGA FFM, Hot Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, HiUse
Receive ONLY Buddy Phone w/Squelch. Channel A = 33K Upper Receive ONLY Buddy Phone w/Squelch. Channel B = 31.25K Lower OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask AGA FFM CONVERSION KIT, POS TO NON POS SP-8 Battery Holder (SSB-2010/2001B-2/1001B/Combox/MK7)
Male, 4 Pin Marsh Marine Connector AD-HM (Hi-use to Male Marsh Marine 4pin) AD-HMF (Hi-use to Female Marsh Marine 4pin) Headset, deluxe with boom mic. Set up for STX-101 surface transceiver. Headset, deluxe headset with boom mic.
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