Water Recovery Body Bag
Water Recovery Body Bag
Water Recovery Body Bag
Water Recovery Body Bag

Water Recovery Body Bag


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Underwater Body Bag

Why do Public Safety Divers, Law Enforcement, & Water Rescue / Recovery personnel need to use a body bag specifically designed for underwater recovery?

If a normal body bag is utilized while in water or underwater, it will fill with water while bagging the victim. The problem comes when personnel try to pick up the bag; water weighs about 62 pounds per cubic foot! The bag is now either to heavy to lift or starts to tear at the seams due to being over weighted.

Another commonly overlooked, but extremely important reason proper underwater recovery bags must be used: In some situations there may have been foul play in which Law Enforcement needs to investigate. Many Dive Teams will bring a body to the surface and then bag the body. This is a big NO NO for any situation that may possibly need to be investigated as a suspicious death. A Detective Team would not go to a homicide scene, drag the body outside, and then bag it. If the circumstances reveal there was a homicide for example, and the divers went down, picked up the body, lifted it into the boat, drove it to shore, and then bagged the body......an incredible amount of trace evidence would be lost! This is called mis-handling of evidence. Don't let this happen to your department or team. Please contact us if your agency needs training in Underwater Investigation.

  • This body bag was developed for use in and around wet environments. Constructed out of heavy duty PVC nylon mesh allows for extreme durability and strength while allowing water to quickly drain.
  • With self-repairing heavy duty plastic molded zippers, you won’t have any problem with it rusting or ceasing from exposure to moisture or saltwater.
  • 6 handles made from 2 inch nylon webbing, that is so strong you can’t even cut it with a hot knife, allows you to lift any size body.
  • With a layout that is just like the disposable body bag we all know, it makes the switch to this bag a snap.
  • Another key feature is the addition of a fluorescent 1 inch 200 denier coated nylon strip that outlines the bags zipper. This allows for the diver to see not only where the opening of the bag is but which side is up. This strip is also added to the four handles at the foot and head of the bag to assist the divers in solving that big problem of which side is up.
  • Key rings on each zipper allows for the addition of chem lights or glow sticks making it almost impossible to miss the zippers.
  • Packed in its own carry bag made of 200 denier coated nylon with a nickel plated grommet on the bottom for drainage you will never have a problem caring, diving, or packing this body bag.
  • This body bag and carrying pouch, along with their materials, are manufactured right here in the USA.
  • Dimensions: 36” x 94”.
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs w/ bag