Si Tech Argo Drysuit Exhaust Valve
Si Tech Argo Drysuit Exhaust Valve

Si Tech Argo Drysuit Exhaust Valve


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Si Tech Argo Drysuit Exhaust Valve

SI TECH Drysuit Exhaust Valves are designed to make your dives pleasant and easy - avoiding dangerous pressure gradients between the suits inner and outer pressure with a maximum resistance of 25 mbar. The focus of the valves are the pressure precision that make SI TECH valves superior. This also prevents leakage of insulating gas when set to maximum pressure for extended surface buoyancy and warmth.

  • Star Lid.
  • Polyblend construction.
  • Ratcheting action - you can feel and hear the adjustment.
  • Variable volume control.
  • Will fit any current model of valve port.
  • High flow lid provides excellent exhaust gas flow.
  • Anti-friction washer included.
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Important product information

September 04, 2013

Important information in regards to attachment of SI TECH Exhaust Valves
During the years we have received some Exhaust Valves that has taken damage by incorrect attachment procedures. The information in this section is intended to prevent this to happen. The most common way of damaging an Exhaust Valve during the attachment procedure is by holding the adjustment lid and using force to rotate it when tightening the valve to the Valve Port. Please always try to have SI TECH Attachment tools available when attaching the valve onto a drysuit. If you do not have Attachment tools, please follow the guide below.


The red section of this illustration shows the rotatable adjustment lid. The green section shows the protection ring. The "black" bottom section of the valve is the attachment nut. When tightening the valve to the Valve Port, please follow these simple steps:

- Tightening of the valve is made by rotating the attachment nut on the inside of the drysuit together with the anti-friction washer and at the same time holding the protection ring, on the outside of the drysuit, in a firm grip.

- Do not hold the adjustment lid (marked red) when tightening the valve, this will damage the valve! Why? This is the rotatable adjustment part of the valve. If you by force rotate the adjutment lid beyond its end position you will either damage the lid itself or crucial internal parts of the valve.