SCUBA Mini Gear Retractor

SCUBA Mini Gear Retractor


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SCUBA Mini Gear Retractor - XS Scub

Grab It, Use IT, Let It Go, It snaps back every time! Keeps your gear streamlined and prevents accidental loss.
  • Mini retractor size
  • Attach to diver with Delrin / stainless steel snap hook
  • Attach to gear with stainless steel split ring
  • Built-in quick-release buckle
  • Extension: 25” coated stainless steel cable
  • Pull force: 9 ounce
  • Retractor dimensions: height 2.0” x width 1.5” x depth .6”

  • Patented Self-Flushing System: Sand and debris is flushed out form inside the retractor during use.
  • To Manually Flush: Operate unit in water 5-10 times. If unit is packed with sand or debris, submerge unit in water with line facing upward. Allow to fill with water. Turn unit so line faces down and operate rapidly 5-10 times
  • Works for lights with (4) AA batteries to (2) C batteries.