Ring for 13-19 Quick Draw Pony Bracket

Ring for 13-19 Quick Draw Pony Bracket


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Ring for 13-19 Quick Draw Pony Bracket 

A solid extruded and machined aluminum ring for the 13 and 19 cubic foot pony and staging bottles. Machined to our exacting standards then microfinished and plated. Silver in color. Used black available.

New ring has a round slot machined into the receiver part of the ring that will accomodate up to 1/2" Nylon line for staging. The bottle can then be hung from the BCD web rings as a staging bottle when not attached to the tank. Meets the new one cut rule for penetration dives. A great safety feature.

Comes with stainless steel fasteners.

Fits both our new Heavy duty reciever bracket and standard bracket.

Mounts securely to your tank via your BCD tank strap or an additional tank band. Typically a BCD strap will work just fine, unless the strap does not line up where you want to mount your pony bottle. The pony bottle should be mounted in a way that it is streamlined and does not effect your trim while diving.

U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team uses the Quick Draw Pony Brackets as their primary mounting systems when using SCUBA. They mount one receiver bracket on each BC, then have multiple pony bottles set up ready to go with the Pony Bracket Ring. This system allow quick switching of bottles without having to take time to switch brackets. USWRDT chooses to use the Quick Draw System because it is a solid mount, some pony systems slide all over the place and move all about. The Quick Draw System also allows easy detachment underwater where as a Backup Diver could give the pony bottle to a diver in need and leave if he needed to retrieve more equipment or air (for whatever reason or emergency). Many systems on the market are hard to release underwater with thick gloves, no visibility, and cold numb hands.

COLOR: All new rings now come standard silver only. We do have some slightly used black units still in stock. Call if interested.