Poseidon Cyklon OmniSwivel

Poseidon Cyklon OmniSwivel


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Poseidon Cyklon OmniSwivel


  • OmniSwivel for Poseidon Cyklon Stage Regulator
  • 3 way 360deg rotation
  • 9/16"-18 Male to Poseidon Cyklon Female Insert


  • Solid brass construction for maximum durability.
  • Oxygen Compatible Materials and O-Rings.
  • Viton 75 Orings with Tribolube 71 lubricant

Omni products are well known to the high tech divers and rescue workers that need total stability such as:

  • Rebreather / Technical Divers
  • Search, Rescue and Recovery Agencies
  • Police Departments and Fire Departments
  • Military
  • NASA