Oxycheq Extreme Single Wing
Oxycheq Extreme Single Wing

Oxycheq Extreme Single Wing

Xtreme Wing-30

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Oxycheq Extreme Single Wing

The MACH V Single Wings are 360 loop wings built to last and have extremely low profile producing less drag in the water resulting in less diver fatigue and better air consumption. The Mach V has integrated role control devices eliminating the need for a single tank adaptor. Inflator hose elbow is off center so it will not interfere with the first stage regulator. Easy access to bladder via a 360 degree zipper.

The Extreme Series Wing provides the greatest puncture and abrasion resistance than any wing we have ever made. Lighter in weight compared to the Cordura Vertex.

Puncture and abrasion protection is provided by the tiny, hard guard plates that are adhered to conventional and non-conventional base fabrics. Because the gap between guard plates is very small, it provides high levels of protection from sharp pointed objects and abrasion.

  • Top seller for PSD Teams
  • Design: 360 Degree
  • Outer Shell: Extreme Explorer Armored Fabric
  • Inner Bladder: Permeated Denier
  • Lift: 30 Pounds or 40 Pounds  (30lb has slightly smaller profile)
  • Made In USA
  • USWRDT tested and approved for Public Safety Diving