Oxycheq 30# MACH V Single Tank Wing *CAMO*
Oxycheq 30# MACH V Single Tank Wing *CAMO*
Oxycheq 30# MACH V Single Tank Wing *CAMO*

Oxycheq 30# MACH V Single Tank Wing *CAMO*


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OxyCheq 30# MACH V Chroma Series Wing - Camo

The 30# MACH V Chroma Series Wing for Singles. The extremely low profile produces less drag in the water. The Mach V has integrated role control devices eliminating the need for a single tank adaptor. Inflator hose elbow is off center so it will not interfere with the first stage regulator. Complete with roll control so you will not have to use an STA (Single Tank Adaptor) with a OxyCheq backplate. Easy access to bladder via a 360 degree zipper. *CAMO*


Your BC should be used only after proper instruction the use of buoyancy control devices has been completed. I has been designed to control your buoyancy when it is negative or positive. to make your dive easier easier and more comfortable. A buoyancy compensator is not a life jacket or substitute for proper swimming skills


  • After Pool or Saltwater use a BC should be thoroughly inside and out with fresh water. Salt crystals can build up inside a BC and can cause damage to the bladder and or shell over time. You do not need to take of the OPV or elbow to flush with fresh water.
    • Using a hose, place it to the mouth piece on the inflator valve and press the manual inflation button completely to let water from the hose enter.
    • DO NOT FILL THE WING COMPLETELY WITH WATER - Only a small amount of water is needed.
    • Release the inflator valve and manually add air via the mouth piece or LP inflator hose to fill the wing with air.
    • Shack the water around the inside of the wing.
    • Dump the water out the OPV and Manual Inflator Valve & LP Inflator connector.
    • Repeat at least three time.. more may be needed depending on the diving environment.
  • Drying
    • When drying, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or against harmful UV.
  • Storage
    • Before storing the BC, ensure it is dry.
    • Slightly Inflate.
    • Store in a cool dry place.

  • Design: 360
  • Outer Shell: 1000 Denier Cordura
  • Inner Bladder: 26.5 Mil (thicker than water bed)
  • Lift: 30 Pound ~ 13.7 Kilograms
  • Size: Approximately 13.5" wide x 23 " tall at full inflation ( 34cm x 58cm)