OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block
OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block
OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block
OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block

OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block


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Gas Switching Block

The OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block is excellent for use in Public Safety Diving when using a full face mask and a true secondary air source. Many PSD (Public Safety Divers) will wear a FFM and have pony bottle with a second stage regulator as a back-up in case something happened to the primary air source. The problem with this scenario is that the diver would have to remove his/her FFM thereby exposing his face to contaminated water, cold water, or eliminating the ability to use the in water communications. By using the Gas Switch Block the diver can simply turn the knob and switch to an alternate air source without have to remove the full face mask.


  • Set up as Right Hand Gas Switch Block, Can easily be switched to Left Hand.
  • 2ea 9/16"-18(adapters) Male Inlets.
  • 1ea 3/8"-24 Female outlet.
  • Solid brass construction for maximum durability.
  • Oxygen Compatible Materials and O-Rings.
  • Inlet adapters can be removed to expose 3/8"-24 female ports. Allowing for flexibility of hose attachments.
  • Quick Disconnects attach directly to the inlet port alleviating the need for more adapters.

The OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block allows a diver to change between two separate air tanks there is no accidental switching during the dive. The knob pointing to the outlet signifies that the air source closest to the outlet is in use.

The knob pointing down indicates the GSB is in the shut-off position. In case of a second stage failure, a diver can turn the flow off to mask and switch to an alternative regulator. This shut-off position also prevents a cross blending of gases during a switch over.

The knob pointing away from the outlet indicates the GSB is using the secondary air source.