Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM
Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM
Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM

Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM


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Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM

Eyewear Kit. Add your prescription lenses to wire frames in your OTS Guardian FFM. With the Guardian Full-Face Mask Eyewear Insert, enjoy a clear view underwater with securely mounted, custom engineered and field-tested prescription ready eye gear.

Key Features and Benefits

Wide, Unobstructed Field of View: Custom engineerd; sized, shaped and angled for the Guardian FFM to enhance your confidence, safetly, task performance and visual experience.

Personalized: Vertical linear adjustment for precise and comfortable fit, perfect for strong presciptions and bifocals.

Perscription Ready: Patented compression lock screws for a secure lens fit.

Quick and Easy Mounting: User friendly-installs in seconds.

Rugged and Reliable: Secure mounting platform and high-performance lens frame enable well supoorted strong prescriptions and multifocals.

Sleek, Low Profile Styling with a Proprietary Premium Finish: Optician assisted design coupled with front-line feedback assures you a comfortable, secure and visually optimized system.

User Satisfaction: Eye Gear that is comfortable as a standard pair of eyeglasses.

*Mask is not included.