Extrasport Fury PFD

Extrasport Fury PFD


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Extrasport Fury PFD

A favorite of rescue units, guides and instructors who appreciate its high buoyancy and short, foam footprint. This is a complete, center-zip, fitted rescuer's life vest.


  • HiFloat® maximum buoyancy
  • Swiftwater® rescue system
  • Front-zip
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Adjustable sides
  • Short-waisted slab design
  • Two gear pockets
  • Carabiner attachment point
  • Reflective tape

Type: V
Design Floatation: 22 lbs.
Sizes: S (37-39), M (40-42), L (43-45), XL (46-48)
Fabric: 500 x 500 denier Cordura
Colors: Red/Black, Yellow/Black