EDH1 Extreme Dive Harness
EDH1 Extreme Dive Harness
EDH1 Extreme Dive Harness
EDH1 Extreme Dive Harness

EDH1 Extreme Dive Harness


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EDH1 (Extreme Dive Harness) the Ulitimate Public Safety Diving Harness

The EDH1 (Extreme Dive Harness) is the ultimate Extreme Duty Diving Harness designed specifically for the rigors of Public Safety Diving. Public Safety Divers will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use combine with extreme durability of all components. It can be donned, adjusted, and buckled, without the assistance of another person; even with cold hands and thick gloves.

The EDH1 dive harness is made in the U.S. with only the best materials: high strength webbing with bright colors for visibility, stainless steel powder-coated hardware for strength and durability, a heavy duty front D-ring for tethered attachment, a medium duty shoulder D-ring for attachment of accessories (can be ordered without), and an aluminum alloy quick release safety buckle that cannot be released under tension. The EDH1 can be adjusted to fit multiple users (one size fits most).

Another amazing benefit of the EDH1 Extreme Dive Harness is the ability for the user to not only adjust fit, but adjust “where” the harness fits on their body and “where” the pull points will be felt on the body. We give a recommendation of where it works best for us, but we understand everyone’s body is different, and there are different gear configurations out there. The perfect placement for us, may not work for you due to the location of your drysuit inflator, BCD, etc.




The front of the Extreme Dive Harness has two adjustable slider plates, which allows the user to adjust the placement of the shoulder straps on the chest strap. For example: on a small person the two shoulder straps could be set to be 3.75 inches apart (where connected to the chest strap). On a larger person they can go as far apart as the user wants.

The rear cross-plate (where the webbing crosses) should be in a comfortable position a couple inches below the base of the neck. If only the front shoulder straps were adjustable, it would change the placement of the cross-plate. Therefore, the cross-plate on our dive harness is also adjustable. When the cross-plate is adjusted up or down; the distance between the shoulder straps (where they connect to the chest strap on the back) and the angle would also have to change for a perfect fit. This is easily done with 2 rear slider plates. As in the front, the rear sliders allow you to adjust the space between the shoulder straps (where they connect to the back of the chest strap). On a very small person, they can be set ½ inch apart, or as wide as you want to go.

Our polyester webbing combines many of the benefits of both polypro and nylon without some of the negatives. It has a 6,000 lb breaking strength, low water absorption, rot and mildew resistance, and has 5 times the abrasion resistance of polypro with a softer feel. Custom colors available.

Patented AustriAlpin COBRA™ quick releases are, without equal, the safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing buckles available anywhere. They are also the only stab-lock style fastener in the safety products market that will not open while under load. That makes them the best choice (we believe, the only choice) for ensuring the highest degree of safety for yourself or your customer. COBRAs are CNC machined, assembled, inspected, and packed (re: from alpha to omega) in our ISO quality assurance accredited facility. All COBRA products are tested and certified by highly respected independent /3rd party test houses and exceed Mil Spec guidelines for dust / sand / salt water as well as all applicable CE, EN, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards for fall-protection and personal safety. Our superior designs and commitment to quality guarantees the highest degree of reliability and assurances for safety and strength. Not to mention, they look awesome too! All COBRAs are machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy and feature solid brass and stainless steel components.

All plates are stainless steel, hand finished, and powder-coated. Plates can be ordered with plain satin finish (chrome look) instead of powder-coating.

Heavy duty all Stainless Steel D-rings made in the USA. D-rings come standard powder-coated black, but can be ordered with standard finish (chrome look).

The EDH1 (Extreme Dive Harness) is totally customizable:

Standard EDHI

  • Red Harness
  • Adjustable Cross Plate
  • Adjustable Rear Plates
  • Adjustable Front Plates
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Front HD D-Ring (attachment point)
  • Front Accessory D-Ring (right shoulder)

Semi Custom EDH1 Options 

  • Remove Front Accessory D-Ring
  • Add Rear Accessory D-ring
  • No finish on SS D-Rings (chrome look)

Custom EDH1 Options

  • Custom color (black, burgundy, grey, lime, orange, green, blue, yellow, tan)
  • Move Front Accessory D-Ring to left shoulder

Custom Sizes

  • XS-L 
  • XL and above 

The EDH1 can be adjusted quickly in the field for use between divers. However, we recommend each diver have their own harness which allows for a perfect custom fit each time the diver uses the harness without having to make adjustments.

1. You can fit the harness by yourself, but it is easier if someone helps you out the first time.

2. Loosen the shoulder straps by feeding the bottom of the straps through the front plates.

3. Put the harness on.

4. Buckle the chest strap. Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling the slack through the front
plates. Position the straps so that the top of the chest strap is just below the sternum.

5. Have your helper check the positioning of the rear cross-plate and the rear placement of the
chest strap. The cross plate should be in a comfortable position, a couple inches below the
base of the neck. If the rear of the chest strap is sagging or being pulled upwards, adjust the
cross-plate, then re-adjust the front straps. Keep adjusting the cross-plate and the front
shoulder straps until the chest strip goes all the way around your body evenly (not higher
or lower in the back). If the two rear plates too close together or too far apart, the rear straps
directly below the cross-plate will not be straight. Simply adjust the plates to achieve the
proper angles on the rear straps.

6. Lastly, adjust the placement of the buckle and attachment D-ring. We prefer to have the
buckle in the center of the chest which places the attachment D-ring slightly off center to the
left. However the harness can be adjusted so you can place the buckle and D-ring wherever
you prefer. Adjust the placement of the buckle and D-ring by adjusting the placement of
the front and rear plates on the chest strap (remember to maintain the distance on the rear

7. Once you have your final fit, you will only need to adjust one shoulder strap when putting the
harness on or taking it off. Preparation for use: simply pull the tail (bottom of the chest strap)
through the bottom slot of the front plate, and then pull the slack through the top slot.

Putting the harness on: First, place your arm through the side that has not been
adjusted. Then place your other arm through the adjusted side. Now that he harness is on,
adjust it in reverse order: pull the slack through the top slide on the plate, then through the
bottom slide. Buckle, and adjust chest strap so that it is snug but not constricting with a full
breath of air.