Drysuit ProTalc

Drysuit ProTalc


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McNett brand ProTalc helps preserve latex and rubber seals, eases entry into watersports suits, absorbs moisture, and helps prevent chafing.  Also great for dusting Aquaseal and Seam Grip coated seams or repairs.

Ideal for wet and dry suit seals, drysuit tops & bottoms, latex boots & gloves, two-part kayak paddles, sealed tent seams, convertible top & boat cover repairs, and more!

  • Perfume Free
  • Contains No Silicone

McNett Talc Directions For Use:  
1. Clean and dry all surfaces before application 
2. Tap talc bag directly onto all surfaces that require treatment.
3. Dry talc bag before storage.
4.  Place in resealable plastic bag.

For General Use and to lubricate and protect seals:
1. Apply generously to inside and outside of all surfaces before use and especially before storage.

For Aquaseal treated items: Adhesive may temporarily cling to itself when folded (if dry to the touch, but not yet fully cured). After dry time, if uncertain of full cure or as a general precaution, apply talc to treated areas.

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