Drysuit Polytex Neck Seal - One Size

Drysuit Polytex Neck Seal - One Size


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Polytex Drysuit Neck Seal - One Size

Trimmable Drysuit Polytex Neck Seal. Don't get to the dive site and discover you have a torn neck seal. A torn or leaking neck seal can make for a miserable scuba diving experience or even worse NO Dive! Replace your old or worn out seal today with this high quality latex replacement.

What are Polytex Seals?
Whites Polytex seals are a combination of Vulcanized Natural Rubber Latex and Polyurethane. The Polyurethane stabilizes the Latex and helps inhibit the seal from tearing. Ever get a small tear in a seal and it runs the length when donning the Drysuit? Although not indestructible, Polytex reduces this tendency and allows for a repair to be made to the seal, not necessarily making a replacement mandatory. Additional anti-aging ingredients are added to combat the effects of ultra-violet light, ozone and copper. These additions make for a tougher, longer lasting seal when compared to standard latex seals.

Polytex neck and wrist drysuit seals come standard on the Whites (now Aqua Lung) Hazmat Drysuits.

Polytex Drysuit Neck Seal - One Size is utilized on SLT system.