Deluxe Zipper Boots

Deluxe Zipper Boots


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Deluxe Zipper Boots

Whether you are diving in the tropics or off of the northern California coastline, the Deluxe zipper boot accommodates every diver for almost every climate. Available in three different thicknesses (3, 5 & 6.5 mm), paired with deluxe features as the reinforced heel and toe cap and the double blind stitched seams, the deluxe zipper boot is sure to keep you warm while giving you a rugged boot for all your diving excursions.

  • A neoprene panel behind the zipper acts as a coldwater dam

  • Large size number printed on the coldwater dam

  • The “SureGrip” sole prevents slipping

  • Protective heel cap prevents fin strap abrasion

  • Extended toe cap runs up the top of the boot to prevent wear from fin

  • Glued and blind stitched

  • #10 YKK Delrin Zipper

  • Nylon zipper stop