Communications Gear Bag

Communications Gear Bag


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The OTS designed gear bag prolongs the life of your FFM, communications gear, or other sensitive equipment by combining a rugged nylon outside shell with a closed cell padded inside. It features user configurable compartments capable of storing three diver units; a FFM and diver unit; or a headset, portable surface unit with room to spare.

The bag is made out of 420D nylon with polypro webbing, corrosion resistant nylon hardware -- d-rings, strap hooks, grommets, tri-glide (on the strap) and zipper sliders. It uses closed cell foam padding and a comes with a shoulder strap and a rubberized shoulder pad.

Technical Specs

Rugged and durable User configurable compartments Vented compartment for wet / damp assemblies 11.25” x 16.5 x 7” (H x W x D)