100 lb Quad Bag w/ Valve

100 lb Quad Bag w/ Valve


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100 lb Quad Bag w/ Valve

Tech divers, wreck divers and public safety divers use this multi-purpose bag as:

  • A lift bag to recover objects.
  • An up-line float.
  • A decompression-line float.
  • A dry bag.
  • An inflatable dive flag/float to warn off boaters.

Quad bags are ready to go:

  • Manufactured of high-strength, lightweight, vinyl coated nylon fabric.
  • Can be rolled up small enough to carry on every dive.
  • Screened on both sides with a bright red “divers down” flag for high visibility
  • Equipped with an oral inflation and an optional lanyard operated dump valve.

Equipped with:

  • Velcro tie strap
  • Bottom waterproof closure
  • Stainless steel snap
  • Oral inflation
  • Equipped with all necessary hardware ready for immediate use


Technical Specs Lift Capacity Width Height Weight
105 lbs 2'4" 2'6" 1.5 lbs