Aqua Lung Hazmat Drysuit

Whites Hazmat Public Safety Drysuit


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Aqua Lung Hazmat PS Drysuit (Public Safety Hazmat Diver) 

The Hazmat Public Safety Drysuit is designed with the professional Public Safety diver in mind. Countless Fire Dept.’s, Sheriff’s Dept.’s and rescue teams have been using the Whites Hazmat for years. This suit has been designed with this diver in mind; the most popular features & options have become standard to meet the Public Safety diver’s needs. 
  • Chemical resistant polyurethane inside and out.
  • Interior and exterior tape welded seams.
  • Tear and puncture resistant nylon core.
  • Comfort boots with 7mm liner.
  • Permanently attached dry glove rings with replaceable.
  • Polytex wrist seals.
  • Contaminated water dual exhaust valve & standard inlet inflation valve.
  • Attached Polytex hood and neckseal. Optional SLT system.
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate.
  • Includes hood liner, internal suspenders, inflator hose, 2 hazmat patches, 4 adhesive strips and a drysuit bag.

XS, S, SK, M, MT, MK, L, LT, LK, XL, XLK, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Part No. 62520SLT
Neck-Tite Systemwith Polytex hood/neckseal & hood liner


  • Fully sealed chemically resistant polyurethane Interior and exterior tape welded seams
  • Tear and puncture resistant nylon core
  • Outer fully sealed washable, chemically resistant polyurethane layer

* Some standard sizes available for immediate shipping!

  • Using the latest in chemical and abrasion resistant materials as well as advanced construction techniques the Whites HazMat dry suit offers the user 2 layers of both water and chemical protection.
  • All seams are reinforced, stitched, then heat sealed at over 600°c both inside and out making for an extremely durable and “dry” suit. This construction results in a smooth interior and exterior surface which allows for very easy decontamination of most chemicals.
  • Chemical resistant polyurethane inside and out allows dual protection and easy decontamination inside and out.
  • Available in Red with Black re-enforcements or all Black.
  • Anatomically-correct CAD designed pattern with pre-bent arms, legs and torso for a perfect fit.
  • Available in 14 Standard Sizes and computer custom cut specific to the users exact measurements.
  • Stronger and lighter, yet durable and pliable.
  • Chemical resistant PolyTex pro wrist seals Extremely easy to repair.
  • Choose between the Heavy duty poly boots, comfort boots, or a dry soft sock with Evo III boots.
  • Permanently attached dry glove rings with replaceable seals.
  • SiTech Contaminated water dual exhaust valve & SiTech standard inlet inflation valve.
  • Polytex neckseal and Attached Polytex hood
  • Includes hood liner, internal suspenders, inflator hose, repair kit, and a drysuit bag.

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Technical Specs

The Whites Hazmat Drysuit material was tested using chemicals listed from the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) F903 Resistance of Materials used in protective Clothing to Permeation by liquids. The testing completed was done to the proposed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1953 Protective Clothing for Contaminated Water Diving Operations.

Testing of the Hazmat Drysuit included permeation tests on new swatches of the Whites Hazmat material and seams. For testing Purposes the swatch acts as a partition separating the hazardous liquid from the opposite side. When permeation reaches a predetermined level (1.0mg/cm²) the time is noted and the breakthrough time is established. This gives the Diving Supervisors the information needed to make informed decisions about the safety of their diving personnel. To download copy of test results click Here