Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer
Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer
Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer
Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer
Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer
Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer

Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer


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Petrel 2 SA OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer

Rugged and Reliable: Rigorous testing to the highest standards, commitment to safety and proven reliability over thousands and thousands of dives has earned Shearwater divers' trust all over the world.


  • OC Rec 3 gas nitrox recreational computer
  • OC Tec Multi gas, trimix decompression computer
  • CC INT Closed circuit fixed PPO2
  • Gauge Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging


  • User Replaceable AA Battery
  • Air, Nitrox, Trimix capable
  • Quick OC bailout from CC
  • 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
  • Decompression
  • Dive Planning
  • Buhlmann GF algorithm
  • Optional VPM-B algorithm
  • Dive Logging
  • Upgradeable Firmware
  • Smart Ready Bluetooth Interface
  • Optional Add-Ons & Accessories
  • Zippered Pouch
  • VPM-B


  • Screen Resolution 320x240 QVGA
  • Display Type Full colour LED LCD
  • Battery Type Single AA (any type)
  • Battery Life
  • AA Alkaline 35 Hours
  • SAFT LS14500 100 Hours
  • Number of Gases 5 OC / 5 CC
  • Dimensions
  • Computer (WxHxD) 83x74x39mm (3.3"x2.9"2.15")
  • Package (WxHxD) 120x100x77mm (4.7"x3.9"x3")
  • Dive Log 1000 Hours
  • Weight
  • Computer 260g (0.57lbs)
  • Package 360g (0.79lbs)


Petrel FAQ


What type of batteries can I use in the Petrel?

Short Answer: While almost any kind of AA sized battery works with your Shearwater Petrel, the standard 1.5V alkaline battery (the type found in stores around the world) works best.

Long Answer: There are numerous types of AA sized batteries that will work in your Shearwater Petrel, read below for more details:

We recommend the AA 1.5V alkaline battery (e.g. the Duracell Coppertop) because it is:
A) Inexpensive
B) Available anywhere
C) Reliable
D) Gives about 35 hours of diving
As an added bonus your Petrel provides a useful “Fuel Gauge” display for these batteries.

The Saft 3.6V LS14500 battery (used by the Shearwater Predator) is also a good choice, primarily because it has the longest usable life (90 hours on medium brightness). However they are:
A) Expensive
B) Hard to find
C) Sensitive to temperature and storage conditions
In addition they are incompatible with the new “Fuel Gauge” feature so only three levels are given: Full, Low (Yellow) and Critical (Red).

Li-Ion – Rechargeable
The 3.7V Li-Ion 14500 battery is a good choice that can be purchased online. The AW brand is recommended and typically high quality. The brands Trustfire and Ultrafire can be good, but seem to come from a wider variety of sources and many users report getting duds. The Li-Ion batteries give about 35hours per charge and are compatible with the new “Fuel Gauge” feature. Note that these batteries are actually about 4.2V when fully charged.

NiMH – Rechargeable
The 1.2V NiMH battery can also be used. These are commonly used in photo flashes and digital cameras, and can be purchased in most electronics stores. About 30 hours per charge can be expected. We recommend using the low self-discharge models typically labeled as “pre-charged”, “ready charged”, “stay charged” etc. and have capacities around 2000mAh. The older style high self-discharge batteries have higher capacities (around 2800mAh) but not recommended. They will work, but will go dead in a few weeks just sitting on the shelf. Also, all NiMH batteries are incompatible with the new “Fuel Gauge” feature so only three levels are given: Full, Low (Yellow) and Critical (Red). If you have these batteries already from your photo flash, feel free to use them. However we do not recommend buying them for the Petrel as better choices are available.

Photo Lithium 1.5V
These are the best choice for cold water divers. Sold as the Energizer brand Advanced Lithium and Ultimate Lithium batteries. The 1.5V Photo Lithium batteries offer almost double the run time in a Petrel when compared to an alkaline battery. However they can cost about 4X as much as an Alkaline. They are a good choice if you want longer run time than alkaline batteries provide or if diving in waters colder than 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit) . They can be found in most department stores or electronics stores and also in many drug stores.

Zinc-Carbon 1.5V
1.5V Zinc-Carbon batteries are el-cheapo batteries commonly found in dollar stores. Although they work, they only provide about 10 to 15 hours and so are not recommended. However if they are all you can get on a tropical island somewhere, feel free to use them.

To summarize:

Type Nominal Voltage Approx. Med. Battery Life Rechargeable Availability Cost (USD) Cost (500 hrs)
Alkaline 1.5 V 34 hrs No Excellent $0.75 $11.50
Saft LS14500 3.6 V 90 hrs No Poor $7.50 $42
Li-Ion 3.7 V 34 hrs Yes Poor $12.00 $35*
NiMH 1.2 V 30 hrs Yes Good $5.00 $20*
Photo Lithium 1.5 V 55 hrs No Good $3.00 $27

*For rechargeable batteries, cost for 500 hours of diving is cost of 2 batteries plus charger.

How long should the battery last?

Battery life depends on two things: screen brightness and battery type.

The “Auto” brightness setting measures the ambient light to adjust the screen brightness for the best balance of battery life and screen readability.

On medium brightness a 1.5V alkaline battery gives about 35 hours of operation and 6 months of standby (battery in but computer turned off). The Shearwater Petrel uses a small amount of power while turned off to keep track of your tissue loading. Other types of batteries will give anywhere from 30 to 90 hours on medium brightness.

When I change the battery, why do I get a message saying the decompression tissues have been restored?

The Shearwater Petrel has a super capacitor that provides power to the computer during a battery change. The Shearwater Petrel uses a small amount of power even while turned off to keep track of your tissue loading.
This super capacitor has enough energy to maintain your tissue status for at least 15 minutes. This means that if your battery change takes less than 15 minutes you can continue with repetitive dives. Additionally, you will not need to set the date or time as the Petrel will have remembered it.

How do I read the “Tissues” display?

Watch the tissues demo video.

Why are the decompression tissues cleared when changing to/from Gauge Mode?

In Gauge Mode the Petrel does not know what gas you are breathing and therefore cannot track the inert gas tissue loading.

What maintenance is required for my Petrel?

  • The Shearwater Petrel should be stored in a clean, cool and dry environment.
  • Do not allow salt deposits to build up on your dive computer. Wash your computer with fresh water to remove salt and other contaminants.
  • Do not use detergents or other cleaning chemicals as they may damage the Petrel dive computer.
  • Allow to dry naturally before storing.
  • Do not wash with high pressure water as it may damage the depth sensor.
  • Store the Shearwater Petrel upright and out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry and dust free environment. Avoid exposure to direct ultra-violet radiation and radiant heat.
  • Do not store batteries in the Petrel for long periods (several months). Batteries can and do leak, so don’t risk your expensive computer on a simple task like removing batteries. Dead batteries are at a higher risk of leaking.

How does the Petrel compare to the Predator?

See the Petrel_vs_Predator comparison pdf.