Oxycheq P-Valve Balanced w/ QD

Oxycheq P-Valve Balanced w/ QD


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Assembled with all composite materials and a single Stainless Steel nut. The head of the P-Thru Bolt is larger. It was machined and designed with cold water divers in mind when using dry gloves making it easier for all divers to use. Outer Threads are protected.

Using all composite materials allows for better cleaning leaving less residue that normally will build up on brass or bronze. Brass and bronze will pit over time and can leave voids for bacteria that cause urinary track infections.

The Balanced P-Valve uses two one way check valves to create a balancing chamber. The Unbalanced P-Valves do not use check valves and work better with wetsuits.
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Balanced
  • Medium Freedom Cath