Omega G-First NFPA Aluminum Screw-Lok Carabiner

Omega G-First NFPA Aluminum Screw-Lok Carabiner


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Omega G-First NFPA Screw-Lok Carabiner

The Omega G-First NFPA Aluminum Screw-Lok is the world's lightest carabiner to earn the full-strength "General" rating from the National Fire Protection Association! Tough, convenient and bright red for visibility.

  • Rated to 40kN, this 'biner weighs only 4.6 oz. - almost 10% lighter than other G-Rated aluminum carabiners and less than half the weight of steel carabiners.
  • The G-First is ISO Cold Forged from aircraft-quality, heat-treated aluminum.
  • It feature a KeyLock Nose to prevent snagging on webbing, ropes and harnesses.
  • The super smooth screw lock ensures easy operation.
  • The G-First is strong, easy to operate and won't weigh you down.


Material: Aluminum
Carabiner Strength Closed:
40 kN = 9000 lbs.
Strength Open
11 kN = 2475 lbs.
Dimensions: 130 mm L x 74.7 mm W
Gate Opening: 28 mm
Weight: 130 g
Locking Mechinism: Screw lock