Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle
Head Jaguar LSR Goggle

Head Jaguar LSR Goggle


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Hydrodynamic swimming mask, granting total safety even in rough waters. With Liquid Silicone Technology, Rapid Adjustment System and optimum peripheral view thanks to Curved Cone-Shaped Lens.

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Silicone is a high-performance material that offers outstanding chemical and thermal resistance, very good overall mechanical properties and an excellent compression set. It remains extremely flexible at low temperatures, and over a wide range of temperatures, its properties hardly change at all – one of the main advantages of silicone over other flexible polymers.

Silicone is water repellent - it therefore offers hardly any basis for algal and bacterial growth.
It is extremely resistant to hot water, it is durable and highly resistant to detergents and cleaning agents.

Silicone can be compounded to create very high tensile strength, low compression set and good resilience, excellent heat resistance, good release characteristics, extreme low-temperature properties, high resistance to oxygen and ozone, and complete stability against ultraviolet light.

Silicone is a modern, plasticiser-free, hypoallergenic, hygienic and robust, soft, flexible material for applications, where an item has contact with the skin.


The Head high quality lenses have a specific Anti Fog polymer treatment, ensuring that condensation, (water drops), spread in a thin layer across the inside surface of the lens, creating a micro water layer which produces a clear lens.
The application of the treatment provides ideal conditions for the lens to retain perfect visibility, does not discolour under UV rays and there is no deterioration in performance when put on where the product is either wet or dry.
The whole application process also benefits from scratch protection but for added longevity of the product avoid wiping or rubbing the internal part of the lens.

UV protection

UV rays, (Ultraviolet), are considered as an extremely harmful element of the suns rays. Acknowledging this fact and uses high grade materials that absorb harmful UV Light.
UV protection is a feature incorporated across the Liquidskin Eyewear Collection.

Light Transmission is a standard measurement of how much light, that meets the lens, passes through to the delicate eye. The darker the lens the lower level of light passes through. Which is the reason a Smoke Lens has the characteristic of reduced brightness in sunny conditions.


This is the best choice for the majority of conditions.
Provides all the required UV and Anti-Fog protection without any adjustment to natural colours.

All purpose Lens - very popular with all levels of Swimmer.
The tinted “smoke” lens reduces the light transmission and
controls the brightness level without major colour distortion.

Perfect for indoor use. Blue is almost excluded from the colour spectrum - making the conditions extremely bright and crystal clear.

Excellent choice for Outdoor Pools. where there are Green
or Blue Backgrounds, Red Tinting provides an excellent contrast.

The effect of the “Blue” Lens is to reduce glare from the water in order to enhance visibility in bright conditions, inside
and outside.

Max View

The exclusive design of the curved cone-shaped lenses, following the natural visual cone of the eye, enables an extraordinarily wide fi eld of vision, cutting down the annoying distortions which are typical of vision underwater.
Rapid Adjustable System
The exclusive HEAD RAS buckle system is the result of long and intense research with the aim of combining the smallest possible size of a strap tension system with maximum comfort and ease of use. Attaching the buckles directly on the mask helps the goggles find a natural position as close to the head as possible and buffers the strap tension to prevent deformation of the supporting structure of the lenses.

The buckles are ergonomic, micrometrically adjustable, and can be released by means of two opposing buttons: a most user-friendly and intuitive solution.

The buttons are covered with silicone, which not only creates an exclusive and original look, it also makes the operation more comfortable and protects the skin.

Thanks to all the research, this tiny ergonomic design application adds ultimate comfort to a high-performance product.