HOG / Edge Scuba Regulators

EDGE can mean many things to many people. To us it means always being on the EDGE of adventure or doing something spectacular! For you, It could be your next dive trip to a remote atoll in the Pacific, one of the many North Florida cave systems or just exploring the local quarry.

Diving is a lifestyle of adventure and learning.

The gear we use simply needs to do its job well, without undue attention being spent with over-the-top maintenance or useless gadgets. The equipment we design and sell is meant to be forgotten while in use leaving all your attention to the beauty of our underwater world.

We have a very simple vision of what we want EDGE and HOG gear to mean to divers. Our desire is to grow with our customers. We have no desire to be outgrow our close connection to our divers, nor any desire to be percieved as somehow "exclusive" by limiting our growth. We want to be the company that divers who are experienced use and recommend to others because the quality, service and price is unmatched. We are proud to be a "Boutique" Brand of Scuba diving equipment for the novice or the most experienced exploration diver. Only this boutique is without the high prices and pretense!

1 product

1 product