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Adaptor, Female AMP-4F to Banana Plugs (Converts MK-7 ropes to MK2-DCI) VSB-2 Audio/Video Splitter Cable (for SSB units) AD-HM (Hi-use to Male Marsh Marine 4pin) AD-HMF (Hi-use to Female Marsh Marine 4pin) Adaptor, Hi-Use to bare wires
AMP-4F Connector AMP-4FL Connector AMP-4M Connector AMP-4ML Connector Adaptor, Male AMP-4M to Banana Plugs (Converts MK2-DCI ropes to MK-7)
AMP-4F Connector
Price: $39.00
AMP-4FL Connector
Price: $39.00
AMP-4M Connector
Price: $39.00
AMP-4ML Connector
Price: $39.00
Banana Plug, 2 pin, BLACK.  Used on umbilical. Banana Plug, 2 pin, RED  Used on umbilical. BP-A4 Adaptor (Male AMP to Bare Wires) AD-F4 Adaptor (Female AMP to Bare Wires)
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