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Public Safety Diving SCUBA Regulators typically are higher performance regulators that can stand up to harsh conditions such as cold contaminated water. They are easy breathing regulators without a high risk of free-flowing. This is life support equipment, before purchasing a regulator ensure that you have a local service center that can complete the prescribed maintenance. USWR services all regulators that we sell, and are happy to have you ship them back to us for service; typically done every 2 years (depending on manufacturer and type of use).

DIN or Yoke? This really is a personal preference. In the USA, the yoke style regulator is more common. If your renting tanks, most shops do carry Yoke style valves, not all shops carry DIN valves. The DIN regulator screws into the DIN SCUBA valve and seals the o-ring inside the valve, this does provide a stronger connection. In the case of an o-ring failure, the remaining air in the cylinder will not drain as fast as a failed o-ring on a yoke regulator. If you have a DIN regulator, you can always get a DIN to Yoke adapter which will allow you to use a DIN reg on a yoke style valve. U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team over the years has slowly been switching out to DIN for everything.
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