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At U.S. Water Rescue / MT Dive Tech we stress the importance of not only having a truly redundant air source, but making sure your alternate regulator is easily accessible with minimal effort, especially when diving in cold black water; the Regulator Necklace is a perfect solution for keeping your second stage right where you need it! We see so many times that diver's have their octopus or second stage regulator, dangling somewhere behind them because it came off the "clip". This leaves your regulator dangling in the mud or silt, or if in the tropics it could be damaging precious coral.....even worse; if the diver (or their buddy) needed that 2nd stage in an emergency when the adrenaline is pumping, chances are they may not reach it in time. Whether you use the regulator necklace for your primary regulator or your secondary regulator is dependant on the type of diving you are doing, the scuba equipment you are using, and how you were trained. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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Regulator Necklace Hollis Regulator Necklace Regulator Necklace Highland Silicone Regulator Necklace
Regulator Necklace
Price: $12.00
Regulator Necklace
Price: $11.30
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