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Halcyon Argon Mounting Kit - 6cu ft Halcyon CINCH Quick-adjust UPGRADE Halcyon stainless steel backplate with quick adjust harness Halcyon stainless steel backplate w/ harness Halcyon stainless steel backplate
Halcyon HP LED Scout Halcyon BC Storage Paks Halcyon Single-tank Adapter, with convertible 6-lb. weight insert Halcyon  6ft Super BIG Diver Alert Marker Halcyon 4.5ft  BIG Closed Circuit Diver Alert Marker
Halcyon HP LED Scout
Price: $199.00
Halcyon 4.5 ft Open Bottom Diver Alert Marker Halcyon Closed Circuit 80LB Lift Bag Halcyon  3.3ft 1m Closed Circuit Diver Alert Marker Halcyon 3.3ft (1m) Diver Alert Marker Oral Inflate Only Halcyon STA with Straps
Halcyon STA with Straps
Price: $169.00 Currently Weighted STA on backorder
Halcyon Traveler BC System Halcyon Pathfinder 400' (122 m) Primary Reel Halcyon Defender Pro 100 Spool Halcyon Active Control Ballast / Integrated Weight Pockets Halcyon ECLIPSE 40LB Wing
Halcyon ECLIPSE 30LB Wing Halcyon Trim Weights Halcyon Diver's Notebook Halcyon EOS Mini Cordless Primary Light Halcyon Infinity BCD
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